Joseph Pysh

Joseph Pysh
D.O., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus


Golden Apple Teaching Award Nominations; MSU Com Class of 2004 and 2006; East Lansing, MI
Golden Apple Certificate of Appreciation, MSU College of Osteopathic Medicine; East Lansing, MI (2004)
Basic Science Teacher of the Year, Northwestern University Medical School; Chicago, IL (1974)
Selected Publications: 
Pysh, J.J., 1967; Measurement of Extracellular Space in Developing Rate Inferior Colliculus From Electron Micrographs. Stereology, H. Elias, Ed., Springer-Verlag, New York, Inc., 51-62Farooq, Muhammad, U; Naravetla, Bharath; Majid, Arshad; Gupta, Rishi; Pysh, Joseph J; Kassab, Mounzer Y, IV Leveteracetam in the Management of Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus. Neurocritical Care. Doc, 2007.
Farooq, Muhammad, U, Pysh, Joseph J, Kassab, Mounzer, Y; Role of Intravenous Leveteracetam in Status Migrainosis. The Journal of Headache and Pain, 2007.
Andary, M.T., Green D.F., Hulce V.D., Pysh J.J., 1997: Spinal Myoclonus Complicating “Spasticity” in Spinal Cord Injury: a case study, Arch. Phys. Med. Rehabil. 78(9): 1007-9.
Pysh, J.J., Singer-Beck, L., 1994: Regeneration of Purkinje Cell Dendrites in Rehabilitated Undernourished Mice (in preparation).
Pysh, J.J., Benson, M.D., 1994; Purkinje Cell Dendrites in Aged Rats: A Morphometric Golgi Analysis (in preparation).
Pysh, J.J., Glorek, G.F., 1994; Synaptic Alterations in Amphibian Sympathetic Ganglia Stimulated in vitro: Demonstrated by Rapid-Freezing and Freeze Substitution Electron Microscopy (in preparation)
Pysh, J.J., 1994; Undernutrition of Cerebellar Granule Cell Development (in preparation).
Pysh, J.J., Kahn, T., 1994; The Effects of Light Deprivation on the Development of Synapses in the Lateral Geniculate of Dark-Reared Mice (in preparation).
Pysh, J.J., 1994; Depletion of Large Dense-Cored Vesicles in Cholinergic Axon Terminals of Cat Sympathetic Ganglia During Electrical Stimulation (in preparation).
Pysh, J.J., 1994; Undernutrition and Somatotroph Development in Mouse Pituitary: A Morphometric Electron Microscope Study (in preparation).
Wiley, R.G., Spencer, C., Pysh, J.J., 1987; Time Course and Frequency Dependence of Synaptic Vesicle Depletion and Recovery in Electrically Stimulated Sympathetic Ganglia. J. Neurocytol. 16:359-372.
Eckenhoff, M.F., Pysh, J.J., 1983; Conjugate Internationalization of Apposed Plasma Membranes in Mouse Olfactory Bulb During Postnatal Development, Dev. Brain Research 6:201-207.
Pysh, J.J. Florek, G.K., Burlew, B.S., 1983; Rapid Freezing of Neural Tissues for Electron Microscopy: A Specimen Carrier for Correlative Electrophysiological Studies. J. Neuroscience Methods 5:273-281.
Education and Professional Positions: 
Ph.D., Neuroanatomy, Northwestern University; Chicago, IL 1967
D.O., Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine; Downers Grove, IL 1962
B.A., Biology, Wayne State University; Detroit, MI 1958
Selected Abstracts: 
Dai X, Olson LK, Pysh JJ, Kreulen DL, 2001: Comparison of P2X Receptors mRNA in Mesenteric Vein to Receptors in Artery, Sympathetic and Sensory Neurons. Soc. Neuroscience
Andary M.T., Pysh J.J., 1995: Complicating Spasticity in a Spinal Cord Injury. A Case Study. American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 57th Annual Assembly Proceedings
Smith, M., Pysh, J.J., Neff, D., Jones, M.Z., 1990; Granulomatous Multifocal Mononeuropathy in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis.
Smith, M., Pysh, J.J., Neff, D., Jones, M.Z., 1990; Granulomatous Multifocal Mononeuropathy in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis.
Pysh, J.J., Ford, S.C., 1981; Ultrastructural Correlates of Guanidine Stimulation of Transmitter Release in Sympathetic Ganglia. Soc. Neuroscience Abstracts 7:708.
Pysh, J.J., Benson, M.D., 1980; Purkinje Cell Dendrites in Aged Rats: A Morphometric Golgi Analysis. Soc. Neuroscience Abstracts 6:281.
Eckenhoff, M.F., Pysh, J.J., 1979; Double-walled Coated Vesicles in Mitral Cell Bodies of the Mouse Olfactory Bulb: Increased Numbers During Postnatal Development. Neuroscience Abstracts 5:428.
Pysh, J.J., Florek, G.F., 1979; Synaptic Vesicle Depletion in Frog Sympathetic Ganglia Stimulated Briefly in vitro: Demonstration by Rapid Freezing and Electron Microscopy. Neuroscience Abstracts 5:431.
Academic Appointments
Academic Appointments: 
2008-Present: Professor Emeritus, Michigan State University Department of Neurology
2000-2008: Professor, Michigan State University Department of Neurology
1995-2000: Professor, Michigan State University Department of Internal Medicine (Neurology)
1986-1995: Associate Professor, Michigan State University Department of Internal Medicine (Neurology)
1972-1986: Associate Professor, Northwestern University Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy
1978-1981: Acting Chairman, Northwestern University Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy
1968-1972: Assistant Professor: Northwestern University Department of Anatomy
1966-1968: Instructor, Northwestern University Department of Anatomy
Postdoctoral Training
Postdoctoral Training: 
Neurology Residency, Northwestern University; Chicago, IL 1986
Postdoctoral Anatomy Research Fellowship, United States Public Health Services 1966
Anatomy Research Fellowship, American Osteopathic Association 1964
Internship, Detroit Osteopathic Hospital; Highland Park, MI 1963
Research Interests
Research Interests: 
  • Published research articles include the topics of electron microscopic correlates of synaptic transmission, brain plasticity, brain mitochondria, environmental influences in brain development and cellular aspects of brain development. Current interests include brain ischemia and seizure disorders.
American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Association of Anatomists
American Society for Cell Biology
Electron Microscopy Society of America
International Society for Stereology
Society for Neuroscience
American Academy of Neurology
American Academy of Neuropsychiatrists
National Stroke Association
National Headache Foundation
Fellow: American College of Neuropsychiatry
Board Certified, Neurology, American Osteopathic Board of Neurology and Psychiatry
Comprehensive Neurology

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