Vascular Neurology Fellowship

The Vascular Neurology Fellowship at Sparrow Health System/Michigan State University provides extensive experience in management of acute stroke patients, stroke research, and outpatient stroke care. We care for more than 800 stroke admissions and 450 interventional procedures annually.  We have a broad variety of cases including hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes, spinal and head and neck pathologies. The fellow works closely with attendings, neurology residents, interns, nurse coordinators, social workers, dietitians and physical, speech, and occupational therapists. Further training is available in neuro-intensive care, neuroimaging, TCD, carotid doppler, neurorehabilitation, and clinical and basic science research. Didactic teaching is emphasized throughout the fellowship.

After the successful completion of the stroke fellowship, an option will be given to pursue advanced training for two years in neuro-intervention where the fellow will be perfecting endovascular techniques to manage a variety of vascular neurology disorders.  We currently have two interventional faculty members, Dr. Anmar Razak, neurology interventionalist, and Dr. Omar Qahwash, neurosurgery interventionalist.  This partnership allows our fellows to learn two different perspectives during their training.  We allow our IN fellow to spend one of their two years of training as the only fellow. 

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