Medication Refill Policy

Appointment and Prescription Refill Policy

Welcome to the MSU Neurology and Ophthalmology Clinic! In order to better serve you, minimize waiting time, and be as efficient as possible with prescription refills, our office has adopted the following policies:

Missed Appointments

When a patient fails to keep a scheduled appointment three times within twelve consecutive months, it will be necessary for the patient to make arrangements to seek medical care elsewhere.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents or legal guardians will be held responsible for the appointments of minor children.

Prescription Refills

Before coming in for your next appointment, please be sure to check your medications for necessary refills. It is much easier to have your medication needs taken care of while you are here at our office. However, if it becomes necessary for a medication refill prior to your next appointment, please note the following:

Medication refills require authorization by your physician, however not all physicians are here on a daily basis. As a result, please allow at least three business days for processing prescription refills.

Please check for necessary refills on all medications that you are currently taking prior to calling in a refill. This avoids several phone calls to the Clinic over a short period of time and ensures efficiency.

When calling in a refill request, please have the bottle readily available and spell the name, dose, and frequency of the medication(s). Please also state the name of the patient, telephone number to contact in case of questions and the name of the pharmacy where you would like the refill to be placed.

Click here for appointments and prescriptions policy agreement [pdf]

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