Benedict Hilado


Plymouth, Michigan


Why did you choose to become part of Michigan State University Neurology?

During my third of medical school I had a neurology rotation with physicians who had completed their residency at Sparrow Hospital. They inspired me to pursue neurology and advised me to schedule a neurology rotation at Sparrow Hospital, which I was able to schedule for my fourth year of medical school. During my rotation at MSU I felt very welcomed and everyone I met was friendly. The attendings and residents that I interacted with showed an interest in teaching, and everyone in the program worked well together to take care of patients. I believe this program will provide me with opportunities and an education that will allow me to become an excellent neurologist.


If you were not a doctor, what would you have chosen as a career?

Science teacher or nutritionist


Extracurricular interests and activities:

 Working out, soccer, watching Netflix


  • Bachelor of Science, Michigan State University, 2016
  • Doctor of Osteopathy, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Michigan State University, 2020

Residency Curriculum


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