Athanasios Marneris

Metro Health Hospital and MSU Ophthalmology Resident



Hometown: Chicago, IL

Why did you choose to become a part of MSU Ophthalmology? MSU Ophthalmology is a strong and balanced program that gives excellent exposure and opportunity in all subspecialties of Ophthalmology. I have had the pleasure of working with excellent attendings who are not only great teachers and leaders, but advocates for the profession as well. A program that has a family feel! Having the honor of contributing to the heritage of an institution which has trained excellent, well-rounded, and comptetent Ophthalmologists.

If you were not a doctor, what you you have chosen as a career? Musician or actor!

Extracurricular Interests and Activities: Playing music, watching documentaries

Education and Professional Positions: 
B.S. - Loyola University Chicago
D.O. - Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Resident Location
Current Resident Location: 
Residency Curriculum
Residency Curriculum: 
PGY-1 (Intern)
Postdoctoral Training
Postdoctoral Training: 
Internship - Metro Health System, Current
Clinical Interests
Clinical Interests: 

Retina and Vitreous, Glaucoma

Research Interests
Research Interests: 

Effects of Threonine and other amino acids on mouse embyonic stem cell proliferation and differentiation.

Contact Info.

5900 Byron Center Avenue
Clinic Phone: (616) 252-7200

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