Beaumont Hospital Ophthalmology Residency

Beaumont Hospital Ophthalmology Residency

Program Director: Marla Price, D.O.


Approved Positions: 6

Funded Positions: 6


The Ophthalmology Residency offers a fully accredited, three-year program in Ophthalmology leading to eligibility for certification by the AOBOO-HNS.

An applicant may enter the program through one of two tracts (i.e., a combined ophthalmology preliminary year-residency program or have completed an AOA-approved ophthalmology preliminary year elsewhere). Most enter through the combined program.

The primary objective of the program is to provide practical experience and didactic instruction so as to train competent, clinically oriented ophthalmologists. Our active didactic program is structured to give each resident hands on training while being supervised by an attending staff.

The residency program at Beaumong Hospital - Taylor (OH-T) is academically affiliated with Michigan State University (MSU), Beaumont Hospital - Southshore (OH-S), and Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron (CHMCA). Clinical and didactic rotations are offered at these facilities during residency training. In addition our residents are given a 1 month basic science course in Houston, Texas.

A comprehensive curriculum guide for each area has been developed and undergoes constant revisions for continued improvement, including the addition of the seven core comptencies. Training goals and objectives focus on professionalism, patient-care, medical knowledge, interpersonal communication, practice based learning, systems-based medicine and osteopathic theory. The clinical rotations are montly intervals and exposure to all the sub-specialty areas are covered based on standards outlined by the AOCOO-HNS.

We participate in the AOA endorsed ERAS system for all applicants. Please contact your school or visit to apply on-line. Supporting documents include transcripts and board scores, plus three letters of recommendation, a letter from your Medical School Dean or your current Director of Medical Education, a curriculum vitae and a personal statement.




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